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Ask me anything   A little magic dragon who hides in her cave all day, then comes out at night to munch on the stars.




Wonder Pets and the Pet JLA.  /End Monday Morning Wake ups.

Finally, a Wonder Woman I can stand.

You realise you’ve just said the only time you can stand Wonder Woman is when she’s a dog, right? I mean, you do know that you just not only thought that, but then typed it out and pressed post so that anyone with an internet connection can read it? I’m just checking, because I’d hate to think you didn’t know that you’d just announced to the universe that you can only stand Wonder Woman when she’s a dog.

Hahahaa yup. That just happened

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Not About the Answers: skalja: ... — Sarah Schulman, Introduction to Ties That Bind: Familial... →



“Many gay people believe that Ellen DeGeneres was the first openly lesbian performer. They don’t realize that she achieved success while in the closet and then came out. That if she had in fact been out all along — like comics Marga Gomez or Kate Clinton — she never would have achieved that level of success. They think that Dorothy Allison writes novels with lesbian protagonists, not realizing that if she did, they might never have heard of her or her books. They think that the movies are now representing lesbian characters because Charlize Theron won an Oscar for playing a lesbian murderer and Hilary Swank for playing a queer who was murdered. But they can’t find lesbian protagonists in non-pathologized or non-punished roles. Most people don’t have the ability to decode these systems, and so they believe they are being represented, being given opportunities to succee, being rewarded, and having their stories told — even though none of these things are actually happening. This observation is not to minimize the gifts of any of the above individuals, nor to criticize them in any way. Their successes are stupendous personal achievements for them as individuals, but these events do not hold the meaning for lesbian life that they are often mistakenly said to have. In some cases, this recognition is actually a reflection of how oppression operates, not the reverse, as is sometimes claimed or thought.”

Sarah Schulman, Introduction to Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences (2009). (via tinyfist) (via cuckoos)


As much as I love this passage, I think it’s important to point out that Hilary Swank played Brandon Teena, who was not a gay woman but a straight trans man. I’m not trying to criticize Ms. Schulman; the film Boys Don’t Cry itself propagated the idea that Brandon was a confused lesbian rather than a man. (See here.) It’s very common for the media to conflate transgender and queer people because it’s “simpler,” but in doing so they erase the realities of transgender identity. It’s not simplification, it’s a lie. The gender you are and the gender you’re attracted to are not the same thing.

And that was your PSA of the day!

Oh! Yay! I’m glad someone said something. I once got in an email battle with the New Yorker movie critic David Denby over this. He was pleasant enough to call Brandon Teena’s gender identity a “mad experiment” and implied that he should have known better than to try something so crazy in a small rural town. Woooo victim blaming! Also repeatedly referred to Brandon as “she” and refused to use anything but Brandon’s birth name (which was Teena).

That was the day I stopped taking Denby seriously. I pretty much go to see every movie he pans in his reviews, just out of spite.

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Body scanning images being banked →



When government officials launch new security technologies, they always promise that the devices and methods will A) not unnecessarily invade people’s privacy;  B) have strong policies in place to prevent abuse; and C) not go beyond their initial mandate. Then they break the promises.

The latest case in point involves the full-body scanners that are being installed in airports and some other federal installations: As CNET reports:

For the last few years, federal agencies have defended body scanning by insisting that all images will be discarded as soon as they’re viewed. The Transportation Security Administration claimed last summer, for instance, that “scanned images cannot be stored or recorded.”

Now it turns out that some police agencies are storing the controversial images after all. The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that it had surreptitiously saved tens of thousands of images recorded with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint of a single Florida courthouse.

It’s an example of “mission creep” — the pervasive tendency to expand original goals or tactics beyond supposedly narrow original goals. It’s how laws supposedly aimed solely at crime lords end up being used against average folks. The only surprise in this case is that anyone would be surprised.

Not surprised, but still. What the shit you guys.

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Woman has her top pulled off and the video goes on a GGW tape, jury says she consented →




Credit to Jezebel for finding the link:

A St. Louis Circuit Court jury deliberated 90 minutes before ruling against the woman, 26, on the third day of the trial. Lawyers on both sides argued the key issue was consent, with her side saying she absolutely refused to give it and the defense claiming she silently approved by taking part in the party.

“I am stunned that this company can get away with this,” Doe said after the verdict. “Justice has not been served. I just don’t understand. I gave no consent.”

“Through her actions, she gave implied consent,” O’Brien said. “She was really playing to the camera. She knew what she was doing.”

Told of that reasoning, the tearful woman said, “I was having fun until my top was pulled off. And now this thing is out there for the world to see forever.”

Wow, so this lady gets ASSAULTED (because there’s no other word for grabbing a woman’s blouse and exposing her breasts in public) and those douche bags at Girls Gone Wild video tape it and make money off of it.  And their defense?  Nothing more than slut shaming.  Fuck those guys.

If youre shaking your ass and playing sexy and cute infront of a girls gone wild camera… what the hell did you expect might happen?

its PORN…


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They’ve sunk the posts deep into the ground
They’ve strung out wires all the way around.
With machine gun nests just over there,
And sentries and soldiers everywhere.
We’re trapped like rats in a wired cage,
To fret and fume with impotent rage;
Yonder whispers the lure of the night,
But that DAMNED FENCE assails our sight.
We seek the softness of the midnight air,
But that DAMNED FENCE in the floodlight glare
Awakens unrest in our nocturnal quest,
And mockingly laughs with vicious jest.
With nowhere to go and nothing to do,
We feed terrible, lonesome, and blue:
That DAMNED FENCE is driving us crazy,
Destroying our youth and making us lazy.
Imprisoned in here for a long, long time,
We know we’re punished—though we’ve committed no crime,
Our thoughts are gloomy and enthusiasm damp,
To be locked up in a concentration camp.
Loyalty we know, and patriotism we feel,
To sacrifice our utmost was our ideal,
To fight for our country, and die, perhaps;
But we’re here because we happen to be Japs.
We all love life, and our country best,
Our misfortune to be here in the west,
To keep us penned behind that DAMNED FENCE,
Is someone’s notion of NATIONAL DEFENCE!


Internment in Canada began mid December 1941 and continued throughout the war from that point onward. The 1940’s saw many programs started by the Dominion government to relocate Chinese, Japanese and First Nations peoples into farmwork to solve the labour shortage problem. In 1943 their confiscated property was ‘liquidated’ into the hands of the government. It was largely a push by B.C. fisheries who faced competition from the influx of Japanese fishers and sailors. It was only in 1949 that restrictions against Japanese-Canadians were lifted. In 1988 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney gave a formal apology on behalf of the Canadian government and $21,000 to all surviving detanees.

I initially wasn’t going to add anything to this, but: this sort of thing is why in frustrates me to no end when people (usually people from the US) make “wait, wait, Canada has history?” jokes. This country has fucked people over as badly as any other, and pretending Canada sprouted out of nowhere through a peaceful agreement and has been putting along boringly ever since is just another way of erasing those people’s experiences.

D: So glad we’re internment buddies. JFC.

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"As I contemplated all the negative emotional energy and intellectual effort expended by the administrators in this meeting, I couldn’t help by note that it seems a disproportionately high institutional, individual and ethical cost to pay for what amounts to giving dedicated and critical members of the Smith workforce less than a cost of living increase, approximately $100,000 all told. That’s less than the salary of one average full professor or one of those very administrator’s at the table, who as individuals by definition do far less to contribute to this community than the collective workers of 211. That so much time and effort is being put into refusing to honor the work and contributions of 211 is embarrassing, disheartening and undeniably foolish."
Ginetta Candelario’s letter on the Local 211 meeting with Smith administration. I wish my school would get its shit together and start operating under these ideals of equity and respect they like to throw around so much.
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Men's Health Knows You're Interested, Ladies →

Trigger warning for pure unadulterated fucked up-edness. So, Men’s Health published a list of ways to tell if women are attracted to you, but what the list really is, is a list of ways to rationalize rape. This list includes things like: 

  • If she’s flirting with the bartender, that means she wants you
  • if she’s drinking a big blue frozen drink, that means she wants you
  • if her pupils are dilated, that means she wants you
  • if she talks a lot, that means she wants you (and the best way to “shut her up” is to kiss her)
  • if she’s wearing stockings, or a thong, that means she wants you

Wow. ladies are whores. Amiright guys?

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Why It's A Bad Idea for Fox News to Cover Anything (Much Less Comics) →



This was my favorite comment on an article that asks “Which do you like better? The old (PATRIOTIC, AMERICAN) costume, or the new (COMMIE, WHORE) costume?”

why not follow islamic law and cover her whole body. Im offended. her face and body should be completely covered if you really want to kiss up to the world. How American of us.

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I really liked this comment:

“All this political correctness has been taken too far. She’s not a global superhero any more than Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or CAPTAIN AMERICA. They are American, let them be American you’ve taken everything else american away from us let us at least keep our superheroes!”


Also wut? The sheer level of ignorance about the actual character is hilarious. The whole point of Superman was that he is a global super hero. Yeah, based in America, but he defends Earth. He’s also from Krypton - not the US. Wonder Woman, from Themyscira - not America.

Yes her costume is red white and blue. YOU KNOW HOW MANY FLAGS HAVE GOT RED WHITE AND BLUE ON THEM? A LOT.

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Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism →

So no more Elena Kagans, no more Donna Shalalas, no more Martina Navratilovas, no more k.d. langs, no more Constance McMillens—because all women must grow up to suck dick, crank out babies, and do women’s work. And the existence of adult women who are not interested in “becoming someone’s wife” and “making babies” constitutes a medical emergency that requires women who are currently pregnant to be treated with an experimental hormone. Otherwise their daughters could grow up to, um, be nominated to sit on the Supreme Court, serve as cabinet secretaries, take 18 Grand Slam singles titles, win Grammies, or take their girlfriends to prom.

And we can’t have that.

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"As another female friend put it, ‘What woman wears the same outfit for sixty years without accessorizing?"

- JMS on Wonder Woman costume


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